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!!EXCLUSIVE!! Free Minecraft Server Control Panel

Our control panel comes with the most popular Minecraft server versions available. After you decide between Java Edition or Bedrock you can further refine the software that will be the heart of your server. You will choose the initial version during checkout but can adjust this at any time as many times as you would like.

!!EXCLUSIVE!! Free Minecraft Server Control Panel

If you decide to go with a Java Edition server that is preferred by PC based players, there are many more options to consider. If you would like to customize your own server plugins are a great way to do this on Spigot, Bukkit or Paper. If you are looking to create a minigame server such as Paintball or MCMMO you can use one of our packages that has everything you need already installed and configured. If you are more of a mod person you will use Forge as the server version and decide which mods to leverage. There are also tons of great modpacks available in the panel so give a few a try from great creators like Technic, FTB and more.

Over the last seven years we have hosted hundreds of thousands of game servers of all sizes. Whether it's a small vanilla server or a large bungee network, we got you covered. Our highly customized control panel is renown for the video integrations and minimalistic design that makes managing your server a breeze. Our unique user interface is the best functionality on any panel with all the reliability and functionality of adding plugins, accessing the console, and other changes to files you will need. Server administrators love the panel because of our web browser access and mobile friendly designs.

We have the most knowledgeable support staff in minecraft server hosting. If you come across any issues while running your server you have the option to start a live chat or submit a ticket. These are handled 24/7 by live and knowledgeable staff. With many years of experience behind them our support can fix most downtime and lag issues through configuration and other common errors.

To reset your world you must first log into your control panel and stop your server. You will need to change the world setting and restart your server. A new world will be generated as the server starts.

To add a whitelist you need to first go to your server settings in your control panel under Config Files followed by Server Settings. There you will find the whitelist option which you will need to enable than save these settings. For the change to take effect you will need to restart your server.

To add plugins to your server make sure that the version is set to either Bukkit, Spigot or Paper and use the plugin manager in the control panel or FTP. After adding or uploading the plugins you would like, restart the server for the plugins to be fully loaded.

You can change the settings of your Minecraft server in the server control panel in your left-hand menu under config files, server settings. After locating your settings and making adjustments, you will need to save and restart the server for the changes to apply.

The most common reason that plugins will not load on your Minecraft server is that the version is set to Vanilla. For plugins to work, you need to switch your server version to either Craftbukkit, Spigot or Paper from your server control panel.

AMP (Application Management Panel) is a simple to use and easy to install control panel and management system for hosting game servers. It runs on both Windows and Linux and requires no command line knowledge to get started. Everything is taken care of by its clear and intuitive web interface, making it a breeze to use.

AMP Enterprise allows you to offer AMPs leading interface and leverage it's provisioning systems to manage your customers servers - while making sure customers can only access those specific features and settings that you wish them to have control over.

Keep your Minecraft server safe from DDoS attacks with our powerful DDoS protection. All of our servers are equipped with DDoS protection to defend against bad actors and ensure that your server stays online and available for your players. Sign up now to start using our powerful DDoS protection and enjoy a worry-free gaming experience on your Minecraft server.

Experience the best performance on your Minecraft server with our high-performance hardware. Our network and infrastructure are constantly modernized and upgraded to keep up with the latest hardware, so you can enjoy smooth, lag-free gameplay on your server. Plus, our state-of-the-art hardware ensures that your server is always available and ready to play. Sign up now to start using our high-performance hardware and take your Minecraft server to the next level.

Our infrastructure is designed to be scalable, allowing us to serve more users at a lower cost. This means that as demand for our services increases, we are able to easily and quickly expand our network to accommodate the additional traffic. This allows us to provide a high-quality experience for all of our users, without the need for expensive hardware upgrades or maintenance.In addition to being scalable, our network is also highly reliable. We use the latest technology and hardware to ensure that our servers are always up and running, providing a stable and lag-free experience for all of our users.Whether you're a new player looking to join the world of Minecraft, or an experienced veteran looking for a free hosting solution, our scalable network is here to help. Sign up now and start enjoying the benefits of our scalable network and free Minecraft server hosting today!

ServerMiner is great! They sponsor us (MassiveCraft) in the development of the Factions plugin.What impresses us at MassiveCraft the most about ServerMiner is their fresh ideas and new views on Minecraft server hosting. One could imagine that server hosts contact plugin developers all the time to cooperate. That is not the case. Not a single other hosting company has had the idea to contact us about a sponsorship. Their new server control panel SMPicninc is inventive and really easy to use. It offers ease of use buttons, such as one click installation of the Factions plugin, but also direct access to the server console if you need it.The ServerMiner staff are good people that are easy to talk to. I have been in contact with their support team and that was a really plesant experiance. I have also been in contact with their CEO and he is a really nice guy.All thumbs up for ServerMiner \ /

ServerMiner is one if not the best minecraft server hosting company I have ever used. What attracted me to them was firstly there competitive prices, but what really sold me was how friendly there customer support is. If you needed and help there customer support was always there to solve the problem.

There SMpicninc control panel is one of the easiest control panels I have ever used for setting up a server. They have really made easy of use a centre point when designing and creating this system. Plugins are so simple to install when using there SMPicninc interface.

We design, test, and assemble our machines not to be limited by a foreign provider, as many hosting companies resellers.We used the latest AMD Ryzens CPU with high clock speed and NVMe hard drives to provide high TPS and lag free servers.

As customers, we are not fan of subscriptions system because we always forget to turn the renewall off. Because of that, we do not use them, so you do not have to worry about.If you want to keep your server running, just manually renew it anytime from your control panel.

If you want to add memory or CPU cores to your server, you can do it anytime on your control panel. The upgrade will be instant and you will keep your map and server configuration.You will only have to reboot your server to apply the changes.

Most popular Minecraft server versions are pre-installed. On your order, you will select a startup version. Once your server is installed, you can change the version anytime and as often as you want on your control panel.

Our dedicated support team will be happy to help if you have any questions about your server. They have years of gaming experience, passionate about Minecraft, so do not hesitate to open a ticket on your control panel to reach them.

The best Minecraft hosting company must be able to provide at the best price, the most reliable Minecraft servers on global locations with 99.9% uptime, and helpful support available to answer any of your questions. Running the lastest game server hardware to provide a lag-free experience to their customers.

We provide Free Minecraft game servers, they are limited to 10 days to allow everyone to test our services. As all our servers, they are hosted on the lastest AMD Ryzen 3900X processors, with unlimited slots and are available on our global locations datacenters. Once your tryout period is over, you are free to upgrade or not your server to continue playing.

You need to go on your server panel and then click to activate the whitelist button, and check that the online mode button is also turned on. You need to validate and restart your server to apply the changes.


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