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ED is extremely common in men suffering from chronic coronary artery disease. An estimated 75% of men with chronic coronary artery disease also have erectile dysfunction. Nitroglycerin may be effective for some of these men however nitrates are contraindicated for use with certain common heart medications. Drugs like PDE5 inhibitors can not be used with nitroglycerin, which means patients should not combine a drug like oral sildenafil with a nitroglycerin cream.

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The studies have shown that nitroglycerin topical is effectively absorbed through the glans penis, which consists of a thin squamous mucosal epithelium. Nitroglycerin is known to dilate blood vessels, which allows more blood to flow into the penis. Blood flow into the penis is what helps maintain an erection. However nitroglycerin does not only work by increasing blood flow.

When nitroglycerin is applied topically to the penis, it leads to a rapid signaling and release of endogenous nitric oxide (NO) into the corpus cavernosum. NO is an essential part of obtaining and maintaining an erection as it is associated with the relaxation of smooth muscle. This relaxation allows blood to flow into the penis and prevent it from flowing out to maintain an erection. Nitric oxide production decreases with age and can be impaired by the use of certain medications or particular diets. It is not the only factor affecting an erection but it is one important target of topical treatments for ED.

A nitroglycerin topical has been developed using a proprietary dermal delivery system. In clinical trials so far, nitroglycerin has effectively improved erections for many men. This new nitroglycerin topical is being marketed in other countries already and is currently being reviewed for FDA approval. It is possible that a nitroglycerin topical for ED will be available by prescription or over the counter at some point in the near future. In the meantime, a topical nitroglycerin for ED can only be made by a compounding pharmacy with a prescription.

The risk of a sudden drop in blood pressure is one that patients should discuss with their doctor. Patients should also talk with their doctors about all medications they are taking and all health conditions before starting a new treatment like nitroglycerin cream.

No proven medical therapy exists for the treatment of moyamoya disease. Case reports have suggested that calcium channel blockers may be beneficial, potentially improving cerebral blood flow through a vasodilatory effect. The first objective of this pilot study was to prospectively evaluate whether intraarterial nitroglycerin, a potent vasodilator, could improve angiographic cerebral circulation in moyamoya patients. The second objective was to monitor the safety profile of transdermal nitroglycerin in our cohort of patients. Intraarterial nitroglycerin was infused in five patients with moyamoya disease at escalating doses. Angiography was performed before and after the nitroglycerin infusion. Pre- and post-infusion angiograms were compared for angiographic improvement. The contralateral side was used as an internal control in patients with unilateral moyamoya disease. The patients were then placed on a transdermal nitroglycerin patch and followed with serial neurological exams, blood pressure measurements, and either follow-up angiography or single photon emission computed tomography scans. All five patients had evidence of angiographic improvement after nitroglycerin infusion in the affected arteries, but no change was identified in the control arteries of patients with unilateral disease. No patient had adverse effects from either intraarterial or transdermal nitroglycerin. This small pilot study demonstrates angiographic improvement after intraarterial nitroglycerin in affected moyamoya arteries, but not in control arteries in the same patients, if present. There were no complications associated with transdermal nitroglycerin in these patients.

This is especially important for nitroglycerin tablets. Some communities have laws about how drugs can be disposed of. For example, it is illegal to flush medications down the toilet in some communities. Ask your pharmacist if it is OK to flush medications down the toilet or if you can return the expired medicines to the pharmacy for disposal.

The 1998 Nobel Prize in medicine was awarded to scientists who identified the action of nitric oxide. Their research confirmed the role of NO as the gatekeeper of blood flow to different organs. Most of my heart patients are prescribed nitroglycerin, a form on nitric oxide, as an emergency pill or spray in case of angina or heart pain. Nitroglycerin treats and prevents chest pain due to decreased blood flow to the heart. Viagra is a popular prescription vasodilator which treats erectile dysfunction. The problem with prescription and over the counter medicines are they also come with side effects. Vasodilators can cause chest pain, rapid heartbeat, fluid retention, nausea, vomiting, headache, and nasal congestion just to name a few consequences.

*897 Considering the facts in the case before us, defendant was in the business of selling gasoline at retail and had been so engaged for many years. The sale was made in the regular course of business. We shall first consider the commodity sold, "gasoline." While gasoline is a high explosive, inflammable and inherently dangerous substance, nevertheless it is a very common and almost universally used commodity and its properties are generally well known to young and old alike. No doubt at this time millions of gallons of gasoline are sold daily in this country to the millions of persons who drive and operate the millions of automobiles. Not all gasoline sold is pumped into motor vehicle tanks, but gasoline is sold in many containers for many different uses. It is common knowledge that it is used to operate many types of farm machinery and scooters, motorcycles, outboard motors, lawn mowers, pumps, et cetera; that it is poured out of cans and containers into the gas tanks of the various machines for the purpose of providing power; and that young and old alike handle it for such purposes. "The storage of gasoline in reasonable quantities in buried tanks at a filling station is not, at this day (1931), regarded as an unnatural gathering of a dangerous agency." Greene v. Spinning, Mo.App., 48 S.W.2d 51, 61. "The presence of gasoline in a place where it might reasonably be expected would not be a hidden peril." Anderson v. Cinnamon, 365 Mo. 304, 282 S.W.2d 445, 448, 55 A.L.R.2d 516. It was not negligent to fail to warn fireman of the presence of gasoline in a garage, since "gasoline is known by everybody to be stored about a garage." Gannon v. Royal Properties, 285 App.Div. 131, 136 N.Y.S.2d 129, 131. The wide sale and use of gasoline and the familiarity of the public generally with its use and properties puts it in a very different class froim nitroglycerin, dynamite, dynamite caps, gunpowder, giant firecrackers and explosives of that type which are used by few people.

Unfortunately, none of the submissionsproved entirely usable, and in 1933 Thuesen, inconcert with Gerald A. Hale, his former studentand an osu engineering instructor, developedthe "Black Maria," a spring-woundtiming device that followed Magee's conceptand met his design criteria. Additional technicalwork was accomplished by Adolph Schillinger,a machinist from Sand Springs, Oklahoma,and a working model of a manuallywound, coin-operated parking timer resulted.In November 1933 Magee filed the patent forthis device as well, and in 1935 he incorporatedthe Dual Parking Meter Company, with himselfas president. Refinements were added bythe chosen manufacturer, the MacNick Companyof Tulsa, makers of timing devices for"shooting" oil wells with nitroglycerin. Magee'sthird patent, filed on May 13, 1935, wasapproved on May 24, 1938. 041b061a72


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