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Taylor Swift - Karma MP3

"Karma" is a song by American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift. It was released on October 21, 2022, as the eleventh track of her tenth studio album, Midnights (2022). An electroclash and chillwave song with elements of techno and new wave, "Karma" was written and produced by Swift, Jack Antonoff, Sounwave, Keanu Beats and Jahaan Sweet. The lyrics discuss Swift's culmination of "good karma" in her life as opposed to her detractors. Upon the album's release, "Karma" was named a highlight on the album by many critics. Commercially, it charted in various territories, reaching the top-10 in Australia, Canada and the United States. "Karma" was performed by Swift as the closing song on the Eras Tour (2023).

Taylor Swift - Karma MP3

"Karma" is a playful, electroclash[15] and chillwave[16] "diss track"[17] with elements of new wave, alternative pop and techno,[15] and comical lyrics.[18] It describes the culmination of Swift's "good karma".[19]

Perry claimed Swift never talked to her about the dancers despite her attempts. "But what I want to say is that I'm ready for that BS to be done," she said. "Now, there is the law of cause and effect. You do something, and there's gonna be a reaction, and trust me, daddy, there's gonna be a reaction. It's all about karma, right?... I think, personally, that women together, not divided, and none of this petty bulls---, women together will heal the world." 041b061a72


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