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An Evening Of Enlightenment

We were lucky to have a fantastic programme of talks, covering topics such as the future of solar power in Scotland to the mathematics of black holes! Each Wednesday evening at 6.30pm in the Red Lecture Theatre at Summerhall our specialists enlightened us with their topic of research.

An Evening of Enlightenment

But now, I want-I must, I burn-to tell you of the events of yesterday evening. Finally we went to the theater!! I have not forgotten your solemn charge that I send you punctual and frequent reports about the state of our common passion here in the Spanish capital. That until now I've been neither punctual nor frequent, nor in fact have I sent you anything at all, I must blame on the demands of Business. Only you can imagine my impatience.

The programme will feature music performed on period instruments with a modern reimagining. Guests will enjoy an evening of beautifully focused playing, drinks, and an auditory experience that promises to be dramatic, lyrical and energetic.

This is the fourth track from the reel given the Engage Wisdom serial SF-05134, and the box it was found in only had three tracks listed, one of which was a discussion. Luckily, another box from the same sesshin (SF-05135) had a listing of four tracks, and the reel within it contained three tracks, including a discussion, so it seems pretty clear they had been mixed up at some stage. If you look at the photograph, the date on the box for this fourth track is August 23 (though notably in pencil as opposed to the other three). The other reel also has a talk dated August 23, and there are also crickets to be heard, so also an evening talk.

All of which is to conclude that perhaps this talk was given on the evening of the 21st, rather than the 23rd as previously written, and that perhaps there are more treasures yet to be uncovered from this ground-breaking event.

Hosted at various modern venues in premium locations, where over fine cuisine, flowing wine and soft drinks (included in the ticket cost) and music, guests can meet one another, bask in the ethos, culture, and fellowship our Community provides. These receptions are organised by the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Thyateira and Great Britain regularly on Sunday evenings. These events are sold out days in advance. Don't be left out again...

Bodhi Day is the Buddhist holiday that commemorates the day that Gautama Buddha (Shakyamuni) is said to have attained enlightenment,[1] also known as bodhi in Sanskrit and Pali. According to tradition, Siddhartha had recently forsaken years of extreme ascetic practices and resolved to sit under a peepal tree, also known as a Bodhi tree (Ficus religiosa), and simply meditate until he found the root of suffering, and how to liberate oneself from it.[2]

In the evening after Sujata's lovely meal, Gotama went to Gaya and looked for a suitable place to sit down and meditate. He found a banyan tree and sat on its east side, the side that was believed to be stable and free from trembles and quakes. After sitting cross-legged with his back towards the tree, he made this resolution: "Though my skin, my nerves and my bones shall waste away and my life blood go dry, I will not leave this seat until I have attained the highest wisdom, called supreme enlightenment, that leads to everlasting happiness."

2010 IVCI Bronze Medalist Benjamin Beilman and pianist Roman Rabinovitch bring a unique program to Indianapolis featuring a collection of works with a common thread: composers searching for inner enlightenment through personal inspirations.


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