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Download YouTube APK 18.15.40 for Android - Latest Version

The old version of YouTube 18.15.40 (1537213888) APK is available. Having this app alone is pretty handy because you are given a better option to enjoy your favorite types of entertainment. And the greatest thing about this app is the mobility. Unlike the design for the PC, the mobile has a more attractive layout.

To get access to the YouTube Vanced APK, you must first download Vanced Manager. This is a YouTube Vanced download manager app that offers MicroG and the YouTube Vanced application that can be directly installed without an SAI installer software.

download youtube apk 18.15.40

Google has been updating the official YouTube app with new features, simultaneously crippling some of our favorite features like the dislike count, old-school resolution selection, and much more. The best solution is to install YouTube Vanced or Revanced. Here, download the latest working YouTube v18.15.40 APK for Revanced.

YouTube Vanced is the modified version of the official YouTube Android Application which is made for getting an Ad-Free experience while watching the videos. Here is one of the official sites for downloading Youtube Vanced APK and we will guide you on how you can install in your Android device perfectly.

Here are the links to download YouTube .APK version 18.15.40, so that you can install Vanced or ReVanced on your Android with their latest update 2023. Google sends continuous updates to the official YouTube app and adds many features from time to time. Meanwhile, the company is also getting rid of features that it deems unnecessary, such as the number of dislikes, the old way to choose the video playback resolution, and many other features that users would like to have back.

So a great solution has appeared recently, which is to download the latest version of the YouTube apk yourself with version number v18.15.40, and then manually patch or modify the original file so that you can get all the features of the ReVanced version over the original app.

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