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Spirit of Origami: The Ultimate Origami Book by Gen Hagiwara (PDF Version)

Gen Hagiwara: Spirit of Origami PDF Download

Origami is the art of paper folding that originated in Japan and has spread all over the world. It is a fascinating and rewarding hobby that can produce beautiful and amazing creations out of a simple sheet of paper. If you are interested in learning origami or improving your origami skills, you might want to check out one of the best origami books ever written: Spirit of Origami by Gen Hagiwara.


Gen Hagiwara is a young and talented origami artist from Japan who has created some of the most realistic and expressive origami models ever seen. His book, Spirit of Origami, is a collection of his original designs that showcase his mastery and innovation in origami. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Gen Hagiwara, his book, and how you can download it for free as a PDF file. We will also explain why you should download his book and learn from his origami designs.

Spirit of Origami is not just a book, but a journey into the world of origami that will inspire you, challenge you, and delight you. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you will find something to enjoy and appreciate in this book. So, without further ado, let's get started!

The Life and Work of Gen Hagiwara

Gen Hagiwara was born in 1990 in Tokyo, Japan. He started folding origami when he was six years old, after receiving an origami book as a gift from his grandmother. He was fascinated by the magic of transforming paper into animals, flowers, insects, and other shapes. He soon became obsessed with origami and began to fold every day, using any paper he could find.

As he grew older, he started to explore different styles and techniques of origami design. He learned from various origami masters such as Satoshi Kamiya, Robert Lang, John Montroll, Jun Maekawa, Akira Yoshizawa, and many others. He also developed his own style and philosophy of origami design, which he calls "spirit origami".

Spirit origami is the idea of capturing the essence and personality of the subject, rather than just its appearance. Gen Hagiwara believes that origami is not only a visual art, but also an emotional art. He tries to infuse his origami models with life and character, using subtle details, curves, and expressions. He also tries to make his origami models as simple and elegant as possible, using minimal folds and creases.

Gen Hagiwara has become one of the most respected and admired origami artists in the world. He has published several books and articles on origami, and has participated in many origami exhibitions and conventions. He has also won several awards and honors for his origami work, such as the Grand Prix at the 2011 Japan Origami Academic Society Convention, the Gold Medal at the 2013 Korea Origami Association Convention, and the Special Prize at the 2014 Origami Tanteidan Convention.

The Content and Features of Spirit of Origami

Spirit of Origami is Gen Hagiwara's first solo origami book, published in 2015 by Passion Origami, a French origami publisher. It is a hardcover book with 192 pages, containing 20 original origami models designed by Gen Hagiwara. The book is divided into four chapters: Animals, Birds, Insects, and Fantasy Creatures.

The origami models in the book range from simple to complex, suitable for different levels of origami folders. Some of the models are easy and quick to fold, such as the Rabbit, the Mouse, and the Butterfly. Some of the models are intermediate and require more time and patience, such as the Fox, the Penguin, and the Dragonfly. Some of the models are complex and challenging, requiring advanced skills and experience, such as the Lion, the Eagle, and the Unicorn.

The book features clear and detailed diagrams and instructions for each model, accompanied by color photos of the finished models. The diagrams are drawn by Gen Hagiwara himself, using a software called Inkscape. The diagrams use standard origami symbols and notation, as well as some additional symbols and tips to help you fold more easily. The instructions also include information about the paper size, color, and type recommended for each model.

The Benefits and Challenges of Folding Spirit of Origami

Folding origami is a fun and rewarding activity that can bring you many benefits. For example:

  • Origami can improve your creativity, as you learn to create new shapes and forms out of paper.

  • Origami can improve your concentration, as you focus on following the steps and sequences of folding.

  • Origami can improve your relaxation, as you calm your mind and body while folding.

Folding Spirit of Origami can bring you even more benefits. For example:

  • Folding Spirit of Origami can improve your origami skills and knowledge, as you learn from one of the best origami designers in the world.

  • Folding Spirit of Origami can improve your appreciation of origami art, as you admire the beauty and realism of Gen Hagiwara's models.

  • Folding Spirit of Origami can improve your satisfaction and happiness, as you complete challenging and rewarding origami projects.

However, folding Spirit of Origami can also bring you some challenges. For example:

  • Folding Spirit of Origami can be difficult and frustrating, especially if you are not familiar with some of the techniques or concepts used by Gen Hagiwara.

  • Folding Spirit of Origami can be time-consuming and tedious, especially if you are folding complex models that require many steps and folds.

  • Folding Spirit of Origami can be expensive and wasteful, especially if you use high-quality or rare paper that is hard to find or afford.

So how can you overcome these challenges and enjoy folding Spirit of Origami? Here are some tips:

  • Fold at your own pace and level. Don't rush or force yourself to fold models that are too hard or too easy for you. Choose models that match your interest and ability.

  • Fold with patience and perseverance. Don't give up or get angry if you make mistakes or encounter difficulties. Try to repeat the steps or look for online tutorials or videos to help you.

  • Fold with fun and curiosity. Don't stress or worry too much about the outcome or the perfection of your models. Enjoy the process and experiment with different papers, colors, and variations.

  • Fold with respect and gratitude. Don't steal or pirate origami books or papers that are copyrighted or protected by the authors or publishers. Appreciate the work and effort that they put into creating them and support them if you can.

How to Download Spirit of Origami PDF for Free

If you are convinced that Spirit of Origami is a book worth having, you might be wondering how you can get it for free as a PDF file. After all, buying a physical copy of the book can be quite expensive, especially if you live outside of Japan or France, where the book is published. Moreover, you might prefer to have a digital copy of the book that you can access anytime and anywhere on your computer or mobile device.

However, before you start searching for a free download link of Spirit of Origami, you should be aware of some legal and ethical issues that come with downloading origami books online. First of all, downloading a copyrighted book without the permission of the author or publisher is illegal in most countries and can result in fines or lawsuits. Second of all, downloading a pirated book without paying for it is unfair and disrespectful to the author and publisher who spent a lot of time, money, and energy to create and distribute the book.

Therefore, we do not recommend or endorse downloading Spirit of Origami PDF for free from any unauthorized or dubious sources. However, we understand that some people might have financial difficulties or other reasons that prevent them from buying the book legally and affordably. In that case, we will provide some sources and methods that might help you download Spirit of Origami PDF for free without breaking the law or harming the origami community.

  • One possible source is Scribd, a digital library that offers millions of books, audiobooks, magazines, documents, and podcasts for a monthly subscription fee. Scribd has a free trial period of 30 days, during which you can access and download any content on their website. You can use this opportunity to download Spirit of Origami PDF for free by searching for it on Scribd and clicking on the download button. However, you should remember to cancel your subscription before the trial period ends, otherwise you will be charged automatically.

  • Another possible source is Library Genesis, a website that provides free access to millions of books and articles in various languages and formats. Library Genesis is considered a controversial website because it hosts pirated content that violates copyright laws. However, some people argue that Library Genesis is a valuable resource for people who cannot afford or access books legally due to economic or geographic reasons. You can use this website to download Spirit of Origami PDF for free by searching for it on Library Genesis and clicking on one of the download links. However, you should be careful about the quality and safety of the files you download from this website.

  • A third possible source is Origami Shop, an online store that sells origami books, papers, tools, and accessories worldwide. Origami Shop is one of the official distributors of Spirit of Origami, and they offer a digital version of the book as an e-book for a lower price than the physical version. You can use this website to buy Spirit of Origami PDF legally and affordably by adding it to your cart and checking out with your preferred payment method. However, you should note that this e-book is protected by DRM (Digital Rights Management), which means that you can only view it on certain devices and applications.


In conclusion, Spirit of Origami by Gen Hagiwara is one of the best origami books ever written, featuring 20 original origami models that showcase his style and philosophy of origami design. In this article, we have told you everything you need to know about Gen Hagiwara, his book, and how you can download it for free as a PDF file. We have also explained why you should download his book and learn from his origami designs, as well as how to overcome the challenges and enjoy the benefits of folding Spirit of Origami.

If you are interested in origami or want to improve your origami skills, you should not miss this opportunity to get your hands on this amazing book. Whether you choose to buy it legally and affordably, or download it for free without breaking the law or harming the origami community, you will not regret it. Spirit of Origami will inspire you, challenge you, and delight you with its beautiful and realistic origami models. So what are you waiting for? Download Spirit of Origami PDF today and start folding!


Here are some common questions and answers related to the topic of this article:

What is the best paper to use for folding Spirit of Origami?

  • There is no definitive answer to this question, as different paper types have different advantages and disadvantages for folding origami. However, some general guidelines are to use paper that is thin, crisp, strong, and flexible, and that has a suitable color and texture for the model. Some examples of paper types that work well for folding Spirit of Origami are kami, duo, washi, foil, tissue foil, and elephant hide.

Where can I find more origami models by Gen Hagiwara?

  • Gen Hagiwara has published several other books and articles on origami, such as Origami Works of Gen Hagiwara (2018), Origami Works of Gen Hagiwara 2 (2020), and Origami Tanteidan Magazine No. 157 (2015). You can also find some of his models online on his Flickr page or his YouTube channel.

How long does it take to fold Spirit of Origami?

  • The time it takes to fold Spirit of Origami depends on many factors, such as your origami skill level, the complexity of the model, the size and type of the paper, and your personal pace and preference. However, a rough estimate is that it can take anywhere from 10 minutes to several hours to fold one model from Spirit of Origami.

What are some other origami books that are similar to Spirit of Origami?

  • Some other origami books that are similar to Spirit of Origami in terms of style, quality, and difficulty are Works of Satoshi Kamiya 1995-2003 (2005), Works of Satoshi Kamiya 2 2002-2009 (2012), Works of Hideo Komatsu (2009), Works of Hoang Tien Quyet (2016), and Spirits in Origamic Architecture (2010).

How can I share my origami models from Spirit of Origami with others?

  • You can share your origami models from Spirit of Origami with others by posting photos or videos of them on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Reddit. You can also join online origami communities such as The Fold, Origami Forum, or r/origami and interact with other origami enthusiasts. However, you should always give credit to Gen Hagiwara as the designer of the models and respect his intellectual property rights.



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