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The Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim

It's still a must have, no matter how many times it was played. I can't tell how many times I've tweeted "man imagine skyrim on 3DS" because I craved to have it in my pocket anytime and it was one of my dreams... Then Nintendo provided, with the very first Switch trailer. How can I say "no thank you" now?

The Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim

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Skyrim on the other hand is a game which i never got 100% into. I've purchased it twice and clocked 30h on the ps3 and 40h on pc, but i never finished it. Unlike, let's say, Breath of the Wild, skyrim does a terrible job at explaining the mechanics and the crafting system. It's fun though due to the random s*** that can occur at any time. one minute you re ambushed by a mob of wizards, then suddenly a giant appears and kicks eeveryone's a** Have fun, either game is a good choice.

I dont think the review is trying to give you a good clue about whats skyrim is all about for a newcomer, ohh well, for sure it doesnt give you any excitement of whats to come. The review is trying too much with a intelectual language that nobody will understand than unless you maybe have played the game already. I havent played Skyrim. The review gives me the feeling it must be a very boring game for intelectual speaking people. Im better off with Xenoblade, its for me the safer bet since I loved the 1st one on Wii

This is my first elder scrolls experience since Morrowind and for some reason it seems that I only waited for this game to be released on Switch. I have to say it is a really awesome experience! People are moving clumsy sometimes, but aside from that it looks pretty good as well. And it runs smooth on TV and handheld mode so far. Totally worth my 60 bucks...

I wanna get this so bad cause Skyrim is one of my favorite games, but I can't justify a premium price tag on a game that doesn't have any significant improvements over its release a decade ago. Especially when I bought it for PS3. My brother bought it for ps4. And I play it from my friends library on my computer. More then that, I can't justify buying it on a current gen system and it won't let me mod it. I'm bored of vanilla skyrim, and the basic mods I use really make the game a wonderful experience. Even simple things like HDT hair and khajit tails or truly random loot finds, and more immersive things like frostfall and a better house. I really can't imagine paying $60 for base skyrim. 041b061a72


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