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[S1E9] ...Someone Like Me As A Member

Directing and writing credits:Written by Amy Sherman-Palladino, directed by Lesli Linka Glatter. I'm pretty sure I could identify every episode written by the Palladinos without the help of IMDB. They each have such distinctive writing styles and the joke and insult density is unparalleled by any of the other writers. It probably also helps that I've watched all of ASP's endeavors (and like "Gilmore Girls," had a love/hate obesssion with them) and remember her writing well from "Roseanne." Amy and Dan definitely have their faults, which we'll continue to discuss, but it's unfair not to recognize their talent.

[S1E9] ...Someone Like Me as a Member

Meanwhile, Sheriff Haskell arrives at the Yellowstone and drops Kayce off (remember how he beat the crap out of a drifter?). Dutton tells Haskell he remembers when the Sheriff had the stomach to run men like Jenkins off, but Haskell insists that it's no use. After Haskell drives away, Dutton and Kayce discuss the living arrangements. Since Monica's left him, Kayce tells John he'd like to come home. But not to stay in the house; without Monica, he'd rather stay in the bunkhouse with the cowboys.

In a large, and busy Confederado's camp, under an awning by a heavily laden dinner table fully of food. Dolores sits, angry tears in her eyes as Logan hails the Confederado's food. In a jubilant mood he shows, what he thinks is squab, to William who is sat, bound to one of the chairs, his mouth gagged. On Logan pulling the gag from his mouth, William tells him he has every right to be angry with him for what he did to him in Pariah, but Logan tells him that Pariah was the best thing that ever happened to him. He's a Major now as a result of it. William tries to tell him that there are more important things going on than his war games, saying that Dolores is not like the other hosts, that she remembers things, has her own thoughts and desires, That its not right to keep her in the park, and thinks he might talk to his contacts in Westworld about getting her out. Dolores looking to William at that. Logan thinking he's kidding at the idea of taking her home. Dolores frowns as she listens to them arguing about her, Logan saying that the Park did a number on him, but nothing in compared to what its done to William, asking if he intends to smuggle her out in his luggage. Before Dolores finally interjects, angry with them both assuming that she *wants* out. "If it's such a wonderful place out there?" she ask them, "Why are you all clamoring to get in here?!"

As he goes under, Bernard relives fragments of memories of dreams and moments he's recently had, including reading Alice in Wonderland to his son, Charlie, is conversation with his ex-wife, which glitches with the sound of Ford asking if he's lying to him, and then into the moment he shared with Theresa, talking about how the hosts are always self-correcting, only for her to freeze while he's speaking. Sliding out from under her on the bed he turns to look at her, and remembers her lying dead slumped against the blood stained wall in the RDF in Sector 17, then asking Ford if he has ever made him hurt anyone else, before remembering his attacking Elsie. Saying her name as he comes out of his memories in shock, and demanding to know what it was Ford made him do to her. Ford reminds him that he warned him, he wouldn't like what he saw, saying 'we' have had to make some uncomfortable decisions, remembering them will only cause him trauma. But Bernard wants to know what else he has hidden from him. Ford wants to stop this 'treasure hunt' still placidly focused on the new narrative they have to finish, but Bernard insists he puts him back into his memories again. "After all a little trauma, can be illuminating."

As she returns to him, he asks Angela if she really is one of Wyatt's followers, wanting to know what they've done, and where Wyatt is? She tells him that Wyatt has yet to return, and that Teddy will find him where he saw him last. As she says that, Teddy again remembers the massacre at Escalante, saying again that Wyatt went missing and maneuvers and came back with some strange ideas, adding "He told me he needed me," recalling himself killing fleeing soldiers from his unit. "I couldn't resist. It was like the Devil himself had taken control of me." Teddy remembering shooting a Captain on his knees, as Wyatt comes to meet him from the far side of the street. "We mutinied," he recalls as a hand turns the crank on a gramophone, Debussy's Reverie playing. Wyatt pushing the General out into the street, and killing him. "Then he turned on me," he remembers Wyatt shooting him. 041b061a72


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