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FBI: International Season 2 - Episode 4

The series follows members of the FBI's international "Fly Team", elite Special Agents headquartered in Budapest who locate and neutralize threats against American interests around the world principally in Europe.[4][5] The team is led by FBI Supervisory Special Agent Scott Forrester, a tough and grizzled FBI agent. Under his supervision are FBI Special Agents Jamie Kellett, a career FBI agent and second in command; Andre Raines, a young but highly intelligent agent with expertise in accounting; and Cameron Vo, an interrogation expert who is the newest team member, having formerly been a field agent in the Seattle FBI field office. Assisting the team is Katrin Jaeger, a veteran Europol Agent from Germany who helps the team navigate political and linguistic barriers. At the end of season 1, Jaeger is promoted to oversight of all Europol operations, and Megan "Smitty" Garretson, an old acquaintance of Forrester, is assigned in her place.

FBI: International Season 2 - Episode 4


FBI: International aired the first episode of season 1 on Sky Witness in the UK on July 22, 2022, at 9pm with new episodes of FBI: International airing every Thursday night at 10pm, an hour after the main FBI series which airs in the UK on Thursday nights at 9pm.

FBI: International is taking a break from airing new episodes. The next new episode doesn't air until April 4. Now would be a great time to rewatch some of your favorite moments from the season over on Paramount Plus.

For UK fans of the show, although Paramount Plus is now available, we are still waiting to get an official word that UK subscribers will be able to view the new episodes on the streamer, or if the new season will air at a later date on another platform.

Created by Dick Wolf and Derek Haas, the series has garnered a lot of positive responses from viewers. It is safe to say that the audience has been buzzing with thrill to see how the upcoming episode 14 will unfold, especially after FBI: International season 2 episode 13, titled, Indefensible, had some pretty intense series of events, entailing a complex case of an American lawyer. 041b061a72


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