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Shyne - Commission

The interim position will last for a few months, at most, until voters select a permanent fill-in this spring, said Michael Thibodeaux , District 9 Caddo Parish Commission. Another election will take place in the fall when the commission elections are set to take place.

Shyne - Commission

Shyne submitted a one-page, one-paragraph letter with a brief listing of his education and work experience Nov. 19, according to date stamped on it."This is a letter of request to be appointed to the Caddo Parish Commission in District 7," Shyne wrote. "I have the skills, education and the experiences to work well win the commission. I will be willing to work in a positive way to move this parish forward."

Thibodeaux said the commission will appoint one of the seven hopefuls to fill the seat on Thursday, Jan. 8. It also will vote to call the special election to elect a permanent successor to fill the rest of Lynch's unexpired term.

If the commission approves legislation authorizing the election, the qualifying period would open at 8:30 a.m. Feb. 4 and close at 4:30 p.m. Feb. 6 . A primary election would take place March 28 with the general election occurring May 2 .

"Billboards make this town look ugly," said Michael Shyne, the resident who went before commissioners during a previous City Commission meeting. "Now, billboards are the most effective advertising there is and I know that from my personal experience."

After Shyne's presentation to the City Commission, city staff looked into the matter and determined an ordinance is needed. City Manager Maggie Paluch said staff is currently drafting an ordinance and plan to bring it before the commission during their next meeting on Aug. 22.

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